Birthday party on Vysoka

Fifty years is only once in a lifetime, so why not celebrate it in style as Miro?
Saturday, 22. June 2013

Staff of company IS-Kros done unusual teambuilding. They climbed to majestic peak of the Vysoka and there celebrated colleague's birthday.

Nine staff already waiting for us on Popradske pleso. The weather was tricky. The forecast said some rain around midday. Without rain, we went to Zlomiska valley. Peaks in high altitude above 2000 meters were constantly shrouded in clouds. Near above Dracie saddle was cloud disappeared and climb to the summit was amazing. "Happy birthday" on the top was also heard on neighbor summits.

Descent from the summit, crossing the saddle "Kohútik" and we're in the saddle Vaha. Here we meet the second part of the staff, who decided to hike the Rysy peak (highest summit of Poland). Bid farewell to our clients and we run down the valley, because rain is comming.

Guiding with attribute "successful". Friendly clients with mountain guides - Tibor, Dušan and me. It was our first guiding in one group. I believe that is far from the last.